Saturday, December 22, 2012

Broadband Speed Maps

In the U.S. consumers can use the National Broadband Map to discover the broadband providers available for their home address and compare the advertised speeds of each provider.

The service allows users to enter an address and view the available broadband providers and their advertised speeds. The area covered by the search is displayed on an OpenStreetMap. If the user selects the 'Expand All' option they can view the upload and download speeds for each available provider. 

In the UK price comparison website uSwitch has created a Google Map that allows users to compare the broadband speeds of different providers on any street.

The Broadband StreetStats map allows users to enter an address and view at a glance the results of speed tests of the different broadband providers available. The map markers display the logo of the different providers and the download speed recorded. Users can click on the markers to view the upload speed, the distance from the exchange and the date and time when the test was undertaken.

In Australia a new broadband network is being rolled out. Over the next ten years over 200,000 km of fibre-optic cable will be deployed across the country and up to 6,000 homes a day will be connected to the new network.

Australians can use the NBN Rollout Google Map to see when their homes will be connected to the network. Users of the map can search by address, postcode or suburb and find out if NBN work is underway or planned to commence soon in their area.

Some areas on the map may not appear on the rollout plan, as the map only shows areas where plans for the national network have been announced so far. 

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