Friday, December 14, 2012

Bam - It's Google Maps Friday Fun

Bam - You Come to Another Light

I hear that the new Google Maps iPhone app has rather impressive turn-by-turn navigation. Here is some secret video of Google testing turn-by-turn directions for the iPhone, using the voice of Larry Williams aka Dickeman.

Bam - Along Come Eleven Subs All at Once

Isn't it always the way. I've been waiting ages to catch a nuclear sub on Google Maps and then Bam! eleven come along all at once.
Bam - Ingress on xkcd
Google's Android game Ingress seems to have made its mark with its first appearance on xkcd.

Bam - 360 Degree Video

I've always been a big fan of interactive 360 degree video. The Sphericam is an affordable, GPS-enabled, live internet streaming, 360ยบ video camera which has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to go into production.

I know I want one!

The video above can be seen in its full interactive glory here.

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