Monday, December 31, 2012

Mapping the Detectives

It's time to board the Orient Express as we set out on a journey to discover the most well travelled fictional detective - in the case of THE MISSING FICTIONAL DETECTIVE MAP.

SUSPECT No.1: Agatha Christie

The British crime writer Agatha Christie probably has one of the best claims at having provided the most well travelled fictional detectives. Her output included 66 detective novels and more than 15 short story collections in which she created more than 6 fictional detectives, including Miss Marple and the Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot. 

The Agatha Christie website's Christie Map is a Google Map showing the locations used in the crime writer's novels.

It is possible to refine the results shown on the page by individual Agatha Christie detective or by individual novel. For example, the screenshot above shows the locations in Poirot's 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

SUSPECT No.2: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Probably one of the most well known fictional detectives is the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creation is famous for his astute logical reasoning and his use of forensic science skills in solving the various mysteries brought his way.

We all know that Sherlock Holmes lived at 221b Baker Street, now, thanks to The Londonist, we can follow all of the great detective's known movements on Google Maps, with The London of Sherlock Holmes.

The Londonist have used Map Channels to plot every London location mentioned in Conan Doyle's famous novels.

SUSPECT No.3: Raymond Chandler

The American writer Raymond Chandler may have only written seven novels but the seemingly endless movie productions of his stories mean that his protagonist Philip Marlowe is well known to all of us.

GPSing Raymond Chandler is a collection of KML files showing the location of Chandler residences and locations used in Chandler's short stories and novels. The KML files can be viewed in Google Earth or you can and paste the links into the search box on Google Maps to view the locations.

SUSPECT No.4: Ian Fleming

James Bond, code name 007, may be a spy and not really a detective but his shadowy role in the British Secret Service has taken him all over the world.

The Guardian's James Bond Film Locations Map is a Google Map of locations used in the James Bond films.

Licensed to Kill, the ultimate James Bond fansite, has also created a Google Map for James Bond. The James Bond Location Map is a map of Bond's many travels and adventures.

SUSPECT No.5: Hergé

Tintin may be a reporter and not a detective but this didn't stop him solving a number of dangerous cases, many of which took him on a journeys around the world.

Tintin in Brussels is a Google My Map that should prove useful to any Tintin fans visiting Brussels. The map shows the location of the Tintin shop, a Tintin fresco, a Tintin sign and the location of many of Tintin's adventures in the Belgian capital.

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