Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The World from Above

In 2008 the BBC broadcast an award winning television series Britain from Above. The program used a mixture of aerial imagery, CGI and impressive mapped data visualisations to examine life in Britain, as seen from the sky.

The stunning aerial imagery and data visualisations, and the success of the series inspired a number of broadcasters in other countries to create their own versions of the program. In Germany 2DF created Deutschland von Oben, in America PBS produced America Revealed and now in the Netherlands VPRO have released Nederland van Boven.

The website for America Revealed includes a Google Map that can be used to browse the America Revealed stories near you. The map includes links to videos, images and text from the season that can be searched by location.

422 South, a CGI and animation company, produced many of the amazing visualisations used in these television seasons. The 422 South website includes videos from these programs where you can view many of the most amazing aerial visualisations created for the different programs.

Stamen Design worked on the Netherlands from Above (Nederland van Boven) series to create some amazing map visualisations. The Stamen Design blog includes some examples of the maps they helped create for Netherlands from Above.

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