Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finland on Google Maps is a Google Maps based taxi fare calculator for Finland. Taxi rates are the same for the whole of Finland so is able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate for any taxi journey in the country.

To calculate a fare users simply need to enter a starting point and destination for their journey, the number of passengers and the departure time. A route for the journey is then displayed on a Google Map. The estimated rate and cost for the journey is displayed. The user is also provided with an estimated time for the journey and a telephone number to order the taxi.

Cloud'N' has created a series of Google Map heatmaps to showcase their HeatMiner service. HeatMiner is a tool that can be used to create heatmaps with pure vector graphics that can be used with a number of mapping platforms.

The showcase includes Deer Crashes in Finland, Traffic Noise in Helsinki and Traffic Accidents in Helsinki. is a comprehensive Google Maps based guide to restaurants in the biggest towns and cities in Finland.

It is possible to filter the restaurants shown on the map by type of restaurant, number of stars, cost of meals and by keyword (e.g. 'steak', fish' etc). Restaurants that are currently open are shown on the map by a green map marker.

If you mouse-over a restaurant's marker you can view quick ratings of the food, experience and value. The information window also reveals the type of food served and whether the restaurant is currently open. If you click on the marker you will be taken to full user reviews and ratings. is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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