Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Google Maps Friday Fun

Many Street View heads will already know that the Top Gear test track is on Google Maps Street View. The rest of the world woke up to this fact yesterday - largely because of the release of this video of the Stig racing the Street View car.

You can explore the track yourself on Google Maps Street View here.

It has been a long time since we featured a good map song in a Friday Fun post. We break that dry spell today with 'Polygon' by Segmentation Violation. Not only is Polygon about eveybody's favorite map feature type, not only does the song feature some great lyrics ('I'm not a route event, a node or a polyline') but it is also rather brilliantly performed as well.

Fans of the sci-fi movie Gravity might want to check out Ogle Earth's post on the film. Stefen Geens has identified every Earth view that is featured in the film and matched it to the same view on Google Earth.

The result is a stunning KML file that allows you to zoom in on shots from the film superimposed on top of Google Earth.

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