Friday, January 31, 2014

The World is United by a Hatred of America

From Europe, to Central and South America and from Africa to the Middle East the world is united in a hatred for America. My latest auto-complete map What the World Hates shows the results suggested by Google auto-complete when you enter a country or state followed by the word 'hates'.

For example, if you type in the words 'Japan hates' into Google the top auto-complete suggestion is that 'Japan hates foreigners'. Elsewhere around the world we find that countries tend to hate their nearest neighbors. In Scandinavia, for example, Denmark and Norway hate Sweden, while Sweden hates Finland.

If it is not their nearest neighbors that a country hates then it is most likely that they hate America. According to Google auto-complete Cuba, Serbia, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iceland, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Iran, Libya, Iraq, North Korea, Nicaragua and Venezuela all hate America.

When we zoom in on America we find that states also tend to hate their near neighbors. New Mexico hates Texas, Nebraska hates Iowa, Michigan hates Ohio and New Hampshire hates Massachusetts. Where Google doesn't have any auto-complete search suggestion I have indicated this on the map by using ellipses, for example California seems to hate no-one and so it is shown on the map as 'California hates ...'

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