Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Random Beauty of Planet Earth

Somewhere can help transport you to random locations around the world. Although Somewhere can't actually physically teleport you to the the other side of the globe, with a little help from Instagram, it can help you discover and find out about some of the most wonderful locations on planet Earth.

Each random location shown is accompanied by an Instagram photo, information about the location and a small map showing you where it is. Each location shown also includes a link to its Wkipedia article and to view it on Google Maps.

You can also explore random locations around the world with the help of Google Maps satellite imagery. Chuchichechocha and Stratocam are two beautiful Google Maps powered slideshows that celebrate the beauty of planet Earth. Both applications allow you to just sit back and watch as satellite images of random locations around the world are displayed.

Another way to be transported to random locations around the world is through a number of Street View based slideshows. MapCrunchThe Secret Door, Globe Genie and Random Street View are four applications that show you a succession of random locations around the globe using Google Maps Street View.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World

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