Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Maps for Google Maps Maniacs

Google frequently updates the satellite imagery of Google Earth and Google Maps. For the latest aerial imagery update Google has released a handy Google Map showing where satellite views have been updated.

So, if you want to see if Google has new imagery of your house, then head over to the Google Earth Imagery Update Map.

The new look Google Maps no longer seems to bother with Google's oblique 'Bird's Eye' view imagery. Therefore I imagine that Google planes are no longer circling the globe capturing this imagery. However, if like me you are still wedded to the old Google Maps (or you want to use the oblique view imagery with the Google Maps API) then you might also like this map of 45° Imagery on Google Maps.

Finally, for Street View fans, if you are wondering where Street View is available around the world, then check out the Street View coverage map on the Behind the Scenes with Street View page. This page also includes a list of all the places Google Street View cars are currently driving around the world.

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