Thursday, January 02, 2014

Tweeting Happy New Year

Tweeting "Happy New Year" is an interesting map from Twitter showing the progress of 'Happy new year' Tweets, in different languages, as the new year began around the world.

The map shows where and when different languages peaked during New Year's Eve. Line graphs for different languages are displayed under the map, which allow you to view where and when the languages peaked on Twitter.

The line graphs correspond to lines of longitude on the map. So, for example, if you mouse-over the peak in the Portuguese 'feliz ano novo' you can see that the phrase was most often posted by Brazilian Twitter users.

The #happynewyear tweetmap has now recorded over 1 and half million 'Happy New Year' messages sent around the world.

The map uses a neat marker clustering solution that shows the number of Twitter messages at different locations. You can zoom in on the map to view the individual markers. You can also view all the posted Tweets as a heat map to see where in the world Twitter users posted the most 'happy new year' messages.

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