Monday, January 20, 2014

Mapping What the World Wants

My Autocomplete Map seemed to prove quite popular so I decided to create a similar map using Google and Yahoo auto-complete search to find out What the World Wants (OK - I completely stole the idea from Mashable).

To create the new map I typed into Google or Yahoo the name of countries and the word 'wants' (e.g. 'Germany wants') and took what ever Google or Yahoo auto-complete suggested. I then added the results to a Google Map.

In creating the map I've learnt a lot about the world.

Many US states want to secede. Most of the countries in the European Union want to leave. Those who aren't in the EU want to join. For some strange reason a number of countries want One Direction and Justin Bieber. On the otherhand Peru, more understandably, wants to kill Bieber.

I don't know who has been going around the world stealing gold but whoever it is be warned a lot of countries want their gold back. Quite a few countries also want old territories back. While Australia simply wants to kill you.

BTW - if you zoom in on the USA you can also view what states want. Zoom in further and you can also see what a few major cities want.

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