Thursday, April 17, 2014

Explore the Poetic Beauty of Planet Earth

The Poetry Cafe has one mission and that is to share the beautiful poetic places that can be found on this little blue planet we call Earth.

Julius Meinl Coffee was established in Vienna in 1862 to sell high quality coffees and become the ambassador of Viennese coffee house culture in the world. The company sees itself as part of the long tradition of European coffee houses, which have always been more than just places to drink coffee. They have also been important centers of art, culture and debate.

The Julius Meinl Coffee company's new website, 'The Poety Cafe', has been designed to lead you into the world of creative inspiration; to open your eyes to the poetry in the everyday and to help you share this poetry with the world through the Poetry Cafe. An important part of this task is the new Poetry Map.

The Poetry Cafe's Google Map allows you to post photos of the beautiful locations around the world that have inspired your life and help you to discover the places that have inspired others. You can browse the beautiful photos submitted to the Poetry Map by location and you can filter the results shown on the map by category (Nature, Culture, Urban, Coffee, Culinary and Pleasure).

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