Monday, April 14, 2014

Global CO2 Emissions

How Much Have We Polluted? is a mapped visualization of global carbon dioxide emissions. The map allows you to view the yearly per capita and total CO2 output of individual countries around the world.

The map includes data from 1960 to 2008, which allows you to view how individual countries are increasing or decreasing their CO2 output. You can even select to compare the outputs of two different countries at once. For example you can compare the reduction of UK carbon dioxide output per capita from 11.16 metric tonnes to 8.52 since 1960, with the increase in U.S. output from 16 to 17.94 metric tonnes.

To fair to Americans the growth in CO2 output in the U.S. actually compares rather favorably to the growth in Qatar over the same period. Since 1960 CO2 output in Qatar has risen from 3.74 to a planet destroying 49.05 metric tonnes per person.

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