Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Development Goals Discussed on Twitter

Global Pulse has released an impressive interactive presentation exploring how the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals are being discussed on social media.

In the year 2000 the UN agreed to set eight Millennium Development Goals. The eight MDGs were meant to provide a framework from which to halve poverty around the world by 2015. As that deadline approaches Global Pulse and the Millennium Campaign has released Unglobal Pulse, to explore how different countries have been discussing topics related to these goals on Twitter.

This interactive visualization shows the 20 countries which have proportionately tweeted the most about each topic. The visualization includes a neat interactive globe. Select any of the topics in the globe sidebar and the globe spins to show the twenty countries that have tweeted the most about the topic.

Unglobal Pulse also features a Google Map as part of the interactive visualization. The map provides a heat map view of each of the MDG topics. If you select a topic in the sidebar a heat map displays the intensity of the number of Tweets made around the topic in each country of the world. You can also click on individual countries to view the number of Tweets made in the country for each of the topics.

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