Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hotel Heatmap Search

I noticed recently that Hipmunk are the latest well known website to have dropped Google Maps in favor of MapBox. I always liked the heatmap option on Hipmunk hotel searches and I'm happy to see this feature is still available on their new look maps.

You can search for hotels on Hipmunk by location and date you and view the suggested results on a map. The map not only contains all the suggested hotels but also allows you to view a number of heatmaps of the city. These heatmaps highlight areas good for tourism, restaurants, shops and nightlife. This provides you with a great way to search for a hotel in an area that suits the purpose of your trip.

Hipmunk also provide the option to refine the hotel results displayed on the map by different categories. These categories (buttons located above the map) allows you to view hotels that Hipmunk recommend as 'kid friendly', 'luxury', 'business' or 'romantic'.

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