Monday, April 07, 2014

The Couch Runners London Marathon Map

The 34th London Marathon will take place next Sunday. To help couch marathon runners train for the exhausting effort of watching the marathon on TV Explore Marathon has released a Street View animation of the whole London Marathon route.

The application allows you to simply press play and sit back and watch a first person view of the whole of the London Marathon course. During your tour of the route you can press pause at any time and use Google Maps Street View to take in the full 360 degree panoramic view of a location.

The application is a great way to explore the London Marathon route and at the same time take in some of the sights of London, such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

If viewing the whole of the marathon route is simply too much at this stage of your couch running training schedule then you can use the slider control to skip through the animation and immediately transport yourself to different locations along the course.

If you are planning on watching the London Marathon live then you might find the Virgin London Marathon Interactive Map handy. The map shows the route of the marathon with options to view Street Views along the route and some great guides for those who want to watch the race.

The map includes a time slider option that allows you to see where the wheelchair racers, the elite male & females runners and the mass race should be at different times of the day. The mile markers also contain information about what kind of entertainment you are likely to find at different locations around the route.

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