Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Google Maps at the Webby's

There are only 16 days left until this year's Webby Awards. As ever Google Maps features prominently in a number of the nominated websites. Here are just a few of our favorite websites that are contenders for this year's awards.

Find a Spring is a community driven database and Google Map of natural springs around the world. If you select a spring's map marker you can view details about the spring and the map zooms in to show a satellite view of the spring.

Users of Find a Spring can add locations of springs that don't already appear on the map.

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The Nature Valley Trail View is a beautiful map of trails in some of America's national parks. The map includes a number of trails, each of which can be experienced with a glorious animated custom Street View tour. If you click on the menu link you can select any of the trails and then virtually walk the trail with custom Street Views of the whole trail.

Each tour includes an option to animate a walk on the trail, so you can just sit back and watch as you walk the trail with custom Street Views. Below the Street View is an altitude graph and a compass rose is also provided.

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Last year Google Maps, the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA and TIME came together to release an awesome new interactive timelapse application for viewing satellite images of the Earth.

Timelapse allows you to create a timelapse sequence from satellite images (from 1984 to 2012) for anywhere on Earth.The application comes with a number of default views that allow you to view timelapse animations of satellite images showing the sprawling growth of Las Vegas, the building of Dubai, the shrinking of the Mendenhall Glacier and the drying-up of Lake Urmia.

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Roadtrippers is a Google Maps based trip planner. The application allows users to get driving directions between two locations in the U.S. and find points of interest along the route.

Using Roadtrippers it is possible to search for places of interest and good places to eat, drink and shop along a planned drive. You can search for points of interest in a large range of categories, including 'attractions', 'accommodation', 'shopping', 'food and drink' etc.

If you like the look of one of the recommended points of interest you can easily add it to your trip and the application automatically adds the stop to the finished driving directions.

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In October of last year Visit Victoria launched a five day campaign to promote the city of Melbourne. Melbourne Remote Control Tourist allowed potential tourists around the world to experience the city online in real-time by controlling and directing a number of remote controlled tourists around Melbourne.

The remote controlled tourists were kitted out with helmet-mounted cameras and could be instructed where to go and what to visit via Twitter and Facebook. The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist website included live broadcasts of the video and audio feeds from the remote controlled tourists.

The campaign has now finished but you can still view selected videos captured during the five days. You can also explore the Remote Control Tourist Google Map of Melbourne which features a categorized selection of the city's best restaurants, bars, cafes and sights

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