Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sightseeing Heat Maps of the World

Darkways is a beautiful interactive map of the world visualizing the locations where photos submitted to Flickr were taken. Each geo-tagged photo uploaded to Flickr is represented on the map by a yellow dot.

The map provides a fascinating insight as to where people are taking photos around the world. When you zoom in on cities the heat map can also provide a useful guide as to where a city's most popular tourist destinations are.

Sightsmap is a similar heat map of the world - but based on the number of photographs submitted to Panoramio. The heat map is based solely on the number of available Panoramio photos for an area. The dark and the blue areas represent areas where fewer photos have been submitted, the red areas show where more photos have been taken and the yellow areas show the most photographed locations.

As you zoom in on an area on the Google Map the heat map becomes more detailed and map markers appear to show available Wikipedia entries and Foursquare venues. The markers are a useful guide as to why an area might have a high proportion of photos taken there.

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