Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Far Can You Travel?

Isocope provides a beautiful mapped visualization of how far you can travel by car in a chosen time from any location in the world. You can even select the day and time to view an isochrone view of your time restricted travel extent.

The map uses the Isoline feature from the Nokia Here Map API to calculate the area you can travel in a given time. You can view another example of the Nokia isoline calculator in this demo map from Nokia.

Nokia also provide another neat demo map which uses the resulting isochrone polygon from a travel time search as the bounding box for a places search. The Isoline Bounding Box Search map is a nice demonstration of how you could use Nokia's isoline calculator to refine searches on a map, for example you could create a map that allowed users to search for cafes within a ten minute walk of their current location.

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