Monday, November 21, 2016

Hiking with Street View

The Anacostia Tributary Trail System allows you to explore nearly 63 miles of hiking trails along and around the Anacostia River with 360 degree panoramic imagery. The map shows all the available trails in the system and allows you to virtually walk each and every trail with custom street view imagery.

The street view imagery includes a handy automatic play feature that allows you to take a virtual hike along any of the trails. After you have selected a trail from the main map you can just press the play button and sit back and watch as an animated tour takes you through all the available panoramic imagery. An elevation chart of the trail is shown along the bottom of the panoramic imagery. You can jump to any location in the trail by clicking on the trail's elevation chart.

The panoramic imagery for the Anacostia Tributary Trail System was provided by Terrain360. You can explore many other 360 degree panoramic image tours of trails throughout the United States on the Terrain360 website.

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