Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scotland's Mountain Bike Trails

Scottish Mountain Biking Trails uses the Cesium 3d mapping library to show the location of all of Scotland's mountain bike trail centers. The site also provides video tours of every single mountain bike trail on the map

If you select a marker associated with a mountain biking center on the map you can view details of the facilities available. Each route of a center's available mountain bike trails are shown on the map using colored lines. The colors of these lines indicate each trail's grade (based on the grades used in cross country skiing).

The killer feature of the Scottish Mountain Biking Trails map is the headcam video tours of each of the bike trails. If you click on a bike trail on the map you can watch a YouTube video of someone riding the whole trail. The video is synced to the map. This means that as the video plays the 3d map view animates to show you the current location in the video. If you select the video icon in the video window you can switch the video to full screen and the map to the smaller window (click it again to switch back to view the 3d map in the larger window).

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