Saturday, November 05, 2016

Mapping New York's Trees

The New York City Parks Department's 2015 tree census recorded 209 species of trees in New York and 666,134 trees in total. You can explore the results of the census on a new interactive map.

The New York City Street Tree Map uses Leaflet.js to show the location of every New York city tree. Using the map you can search through the records of New York's trees by location, by species and by size. Each tree is colored on the map by species. The size of the marker is scaled to reflect the trunk size of each tree.

If you select a tree on the map you can view details on the tree's species, size and its closest address. You can also view an image of the tree from Google Maps Street View. You can learn more about individual species of tree by using the species filter. The species filter not only allows you to select to view an individual species of tree on the map but to also read a detailed description of the species in the map sidebar.

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