Thursday, November 03, 2016

Juan Mata Maps the World

Manchester United star Juan Mata is not only a world class football player he is also a part-time amateur cartographer. When he isn't busy on the Old Trafford pitch he likes to relax by tinkering with the Google Maps API.

You can check out his latest effort on the El Matamundi. The map locates every football stadium around the world where he has played during his long career. The map looks a little basic but Juam Mata seems to have already learnt how to effectively use Google Maps Styles to customize the colors of the map. He also knows how to use marker clustering to display a large number of markers on one map.

I guess that Juan Mata might actually pay some developers to maintain and run his website. So, although Mata tweeted that "Football gave me the chance of getting to know plenty of stadiums. I've located and compiled them on Mata's WorldMap", he might actually not have made the map himself.

Nevertheless I'm going to dig out my old football boots from the back of the cupboard. If Juan Mata can make maps then I don't see why I shouldn't give professional football a go.

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