Monday, November 07, 2016

Mapping the Journey of New York's Trash

Every year New York produces over 14 million tons of trash. That garbage gets collected every week by 1,668 city collection trucks. From there New York's rubbish is taken to one of the city’s waste transfer stations. Most of it is then loaded onto trains and barges and shipped to landfill sites or to waste-to-energy plants.

You can now follow the journey of New York city's waste on an interactive map, created for The Guardian by Blueshift. The Long Journey of New York City's Waste plots the path of New York's trash from each of the city's neighborhoods to its final destination. As the animation plays out you can follow the journey of the city's solid waste, paper and glass/plastic/metal. The map also shows you how much waste is generated by each of the city's neighborhoods.

You can learn more about how New York's City's trash is collected, where it is processed and where it all ends up on The Guardian's accompanying article.

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