Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Map Your Videos

You might have seen the Scottish Mountain Biking Trails map, featured earlier this week on Maps Mania. Scottish Mountain Bike Trails provides video tours of Scottish mountain bike trails, in which each video is synchronized to a Cesium map. This means that as the headcam video of a trail plays you can follow the action on a map of the same trail.

If the Scottish Mountain Biking Trails map has inspired you to think about mapping your own videos then you might want to have a look at Map Channel's new Video Maps creation tool. Using Video Maps you can easily create your own video journey map, in which your video is synchronized to a Google Map,

To create a Video Map you need to have a YouTube video of a journey or trip. You also need to have a GPX file of the same journey in order to map the locations in the video to the Google Map. If you have the video and the GPX file you just need to share them with Map Channels and Video Maps will do all the rest.

Your finished Video Map includes your video, two different Google Map views (map & oblique 'Bird's Eye' view), Street View and an elevation chart. When you press play on the video the two maps and the Street View automatically update to show the current location in the accompanying video.

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