Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Occult Map of London

Throughout history the streets of London have been haunted by a number of ghoulish figures. In the nineteenth century the fire breathing, metal clawed Spring-Heeled Jack would stalk the streets of South London attacking helpless pedestrians. In the twentieth century it was the Vampyre of Highgate who stalked the grounds of Highgate Cemetery.

You can learn more about London's ghoulish past on History Today's mapped Guide to Occult London. The guide uses Knightlab's StoryMapJS platform to tell the stories of the people, myths, and places in London’s occult history. Many of the examples of occult locations on the map also feature links to previous articles on the subject on the History Today website.

If your heart can take more frightful tales of London then you might also like Grim London, an interactive map plotting and recounting the history of some of London's most spine-chilling events and apparitions.

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