Monday, November 21, 2016

Mapped Picture Search

Pic4Carto is an easy and simple way to find open sourced photographs of any location in the world. Simply click on the Pic4Carto interactive map and you can find photographs of that location from Flickr, Mapillary and Wikimedia.

Pic4Carto has been designed to help OpenStreetMap editors add details to the world map. It enables OSM editors to quickly find street level photographs of any location. These photographs can then be used to identify the precise location of objects to map, such as fire hydrants, benches, streetlamps and postboxes. However Pic4Carto can also be used by anyone who wants to search for open sourced photographs by specific location.

You can search Pic4Carto by simply zooming into a location on the map or you can use the inbuilt search engine. You can then define your search area by selecting from the cell grid overlaid on the map.

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