Tuesday, April 18, 2017

All the World Could Live in Argentina

43.5 million Argentinians live in one of the biggest countries in the world. Every Argentinian therefore could theoretically have a lot of space to themselves. However half the population of Argentina choose to live in a 400 km semi-circle in and around Buenos Aires.

You can see how most Argentinians prefer to live close to each other on this new Population Density of Argentina map. The map uses Mapbox's fill extrusion property to show population density in each census tract as a colored height map (the taller and darker the tract the more people live there). If you mouse-over a census tract on the map you can see how much square footage each inhabitant could have if the tract was divided evenly between each person.

According to the accompanying blog post the whole world's population could comfortably live in Argentina. Everyone would have to live in a huge city with the population density of Buenos Aires. If that doesn't bother you then start packing your bags because Argentina certainly has the room.

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