Monday, April 10, 2017

The FedEx Sound Tracking Map

Most of the large delivery companies provide live tracking maps which allow you to follow the progress of your order while it is on route to your house. FedEx has taken this useful service and turned it into a work of artful cartography with its very own original soundtrack.

FedEx SoundTrack uses your order tracking number to show you the progress of your parcel on a map of the USA. While you watch your parcel moving on the map you can also listen to a piece of algorithmically generated music. The music that you hear is driven by the size of your package. Heavier packages apparently have more drums and the tempo is determined by the speed of the delivery.

The map itself is made up of thousands of pixels (which perhaps represent all the current FedEx deliveries across the country). The map includes some very neat touches. As your package moves through a sorting center the pixels arrange into a 3D model of the actual building. Also note how if your package travels by plane the tracking path curves to create the illusion of flight.

Don't worry if you don't have a tracking number. FedEx SoundTrack allows you to simulate your own package in order to watch it being delivered on a map with your own personal soundtrack.

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