Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Predicting White Collar Crime

Many police forces now use predictive policing models to identify locations where crimes are most likely to occur. These models scientifically target non-white, low-income neighborhoods as criminal hot-spots and the inhabitants of these neighborhoods as delinquent criminals.

Using current predictive policing models poor neighborhoods with a large proportion of non-white inhabitants are identified and targeted for police action. The result is that police resources are unfairly wasted on these neighborhoods and law-abiding rich folk never get to see any nice police officers in their neighborhoods. However a new predictive policing application hopes to readdress this problem by targeting white collar crime.

The White Collar Crime Risk Zones map shows you where white collar crimes are about to be committed. The map uses historical financial crime data and risk terrain modelling to predict which neighborhoods across the United States are most likely to experience white collar crime. The map can even show you what the white collar criminal in each neighborhood probably looks like.

The White Collar Crime Risk Zones map was created by The New Inquiry who argue that,
"Predictive policing apps are designed and deployed to target so-called “street” crime, reinforcing and accelerating destructive policing practices that disproportionately target impoverished communities of color. Unlike typical predictive policing apps which criminalize poverty, White Collar Crime Risk Zones criminalizes wealth".
Disclaimer: The White Collar Crime Risk Zones map was made with tongue inserted firmly in cheek

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