Friday, April 28, 2017

The Leaflet Flowmap Layer

Sarah Bellum's Canvas Flowmap Layer is a popular ArcGIS JavaScript API library which allows you to map objects flowing from one location to another. It is now also available as a custom map layer for the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library.

Like the original ArcGIS flowmap layer Leaflet.Canvas-Flowmap-Layer uses Bezier curves to visualize the movement of objects from one location to another on an interactive map. One purpose of using Bezier curves is that you can show the direction of flow by using either a convex or concave curve on your flow line. The direction of flow is also visualized by the library with animated dots which travel along the flow map lines in the direction of flow.

You can get a great idea of what you can achieve with the Leaflet.Canvas-Flowmap-Layer on this fully adjustable demo map. The map provides a visualization of airport destinations using animated Bezier curves. It includes a number of options which demonstrate the range of animation options provided with the flowmap layer.

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