Friday, April 07, 2017

Find a Bike Route

BikeRoll is a new bike route planning application which can help you find the best way to get from A to B on two wheels. The application provides an easy to use map tool to find, plan and save bike routes.

BikeRoll has a simple and intuitive interface which is designed to make planning a bike route as easy as possible. You can request a bike route by simply clicking twice on the map to set your starting point and destination. BikeRoll will then show you a suggested route on a Goggle Map. The route is accompanied by a color-coded elevation profile. The different colors in the elevation profile highlight any difficult climbs along the suggested route.

Three different suggested routes are provided for each query. These are 'Road Bike', 'MTB' and Google Bike'. I assume that MTB provides the shortest route, which may include steep climbs. Road Bike is probably the fastest route avoiding the steepest climbs and Google Bike shows the safest route.

BikeRoll provides instant weather support that tells you the forecast on the planned route for the next five days. BikeRoll also supports multiple languages.

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