Saturday, April 29, 2017

Live Traffic with Mapbox

You can now add live traffic conditions to your Mapbox Maps. Mapbox Studio users now have access to two new preset map styles - both of which show live traffic conditions.

The two traffic condition styles are called Traffic Day and Traffic Night. Traffic Day shows traffic conditions on top of a light streets basemap while Traffic Night shows traffic on top of a dark streets basemap. You can preview the results of showing traffic on top of a dark streets basemap on this quick demo map.

In Mapbox Studio you can adjust how traffic congestion appears on your maps. The congestion field has four values: 'low', 'moderate', 'heavy' and 'severe'. By default traffic congestion use a color-ramp from green to red to show low-severe congestion. In Mapbox Studio you can change these colors to anything you want. You can even use different color-ramps for traffic conditions on different classes of road.

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