Tuesday, April 04, 2017

New York's Mountains of Crime

NYC Crime Trends is a 3D mapped visualization of New York crime data. The application shows three months worth of crime as an elevation layer on top of a map of New York. These new mountains & valleys of New York show where crime is more & less prevalent in the city.

You can view the crime trends in a New York neighborhood simply by clicking on a location on the map. A blue 3D mesh shows the areas where the most crime has taken place, The inset information window provides a line graph of the total number of crimes in the area over a three month period. The 3D mesh actually slowly rises and falls to show the crime trends over those three months. The time of the current map view is indicated on the NYC Crime Trends line graph.

The animated playback of the three months of crime actually plays a little slow. It would be nice if the user could use the line graph to control the date shown on the map for themselves. The map would also benefit from providing an option to turn off the 3D buildings on the map. This would provide a much clearer view of the crime topography overlay.

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