Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Global Press Freedom Map

Over the last twelve months the United States has fallen two places in the World Press Freedom Index. In explaining this fall Reporters Without Borders point to Donald's Trump's war with the media and his declaration that the press are the 'enemy of the American people'.

While the USA has dropped two places (to 43rd) Norway has risen two places to become the top ranked country in the world for press freedom. This is partly due to the country's laws on media ownership and the enshrining of media freedom in the country's constitution.

You can view how every country in the world ranks on the 2017 Reporters Without Borders 'World Press Freedom Index' on this interactive map. Countries are colored on the map by their level of press freedom (yellow countries rank highest - black countries have the worst records on press freedom). You can find out a country's individual ranking by clicking on the country on the map. If you then click on the 'read more' button you can read the Reporters Without Borders assessment of press freedom in the selected country.

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