Saturday, April 08, 2017 - Visualizing Data on a Map

Uber's data visualization framework provides a number of ways to visualize geographical data on top of an interactive map. The framework is used by Uber to help visualize its internal data. It is also available to all other developers under an open license. essentially provides a number of JavaScript layers which can be used with an interactive map to create WebGL data visualizations. These layers include relatively simple layers that can overlay map markers and polylines on a map to more complex layers for visualizing large data sets as 3D hexagons or 3D heatmaps. You can get a good sense of what you can create by looking at the example maps in the Gallery.

Deck/gl can be used with any JavaScript map library. However " has been developed in parallel with the react-map-gl component, which is a React wrapper around Mapbox GL".

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