Monday, May 06, 2019

Do I Need a Visa?

If you are an international globetrotter then you should apply for citizenship of the United Arab Emirates. Travelers with a UAE passport can travel easily to more countries in the world than citizens of any other country. UAE passport holders can visit 167 countries with relative ease, 113 countries without a visa and 54 countries with a visa on arrival. Only 31 countries require UAE passport holders to obtain a visa before travel.

German passport holders are almost as lucky as those from the UAE. If you are German only 32 countries require you to have a visa before travel. 127 countries can be visited without a visa and 39 countries require a visa on arrival. Twelve countries (including the USA) tie for third place. These twelve countries only require a visa before travelling to 33 countries around the world.

If you want to know what visa requirements you need for visiting different countries around the world then you can use the Visa List interactive map. Enter your nationality into Visa List and you can view an interactive map showing the visa requirements for every country in the world. On the Visa List interactive map light green countries don't require a visa. The darker green colored countries require a visa on arrival. The red colored countries are probably best avoided (visa refused). 

If you like your visa advice in 3D then you might prefer using Travelscope, which is another interactive visualization of the visa requirements of countries around the world. This interactive map also comes with options to view the population and GDP of every country in the world.

I really like the animated transitions when you switch between Travelscope's two different map views. When you switch between the map and 3d globe view the map actually wraps itself into a sphere. The map also includes animated flow-lines, which are used to show all the countries that you can travel to from your selected country.

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