Monday, May 06, 2019

The 2019 Indonesia Election Map

The Indonesian election on 17 April 2019 has been called the most complex single-day election in history. Perhaps because of its complexity it proved lethal for many election officers. It is reported that at least 225 election officers died of exhaustion during the vote count for the Indonesian elections. One reason given for this tragic turn of events is the decision to hold the presidential and legislative elections on the same day for the very first time.

You can view the results of both the presidential and legislative elections in Indonesia on the Indonesia Election Visualized map. This interactive map provides a choropleth view of which party is winning in every electoral district for the presidential election and for the legislative election for the People's Consultative Assembly. The map shows the percentage of votes cast for each candidate in the presidential election and the winning party in the legislative election.

The current president Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is shown as red on the map. The challenger Prabowo Subianto is shown in blue. Jokowi looks to have won a second term as President of Indonesia. Despite being the most popular candidate across the whole country the president appears to have performed poorly on the largest island.  of Sumatra. The President's political party the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle have also picked up the largest share of the vote in the legislative election (currently 30.4% of the national vote).

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