Thursday, May 09, 2019

South Africa Election Maps

Votes are currently being counted in the 2019 South African election. The governing party, the African National Congress, won 62% of the vote in the last election in 2014. The ANC are widely expected to be the largest party again in this election, but with a reduced level of support. At the time of writing, with only about 30% of the votes counted, the ANC are currently on around 55% of the votes.

TimesLIVE, News 24 and The Citizen all have live interactive maps showing the latest election results from South Africa. All three maps are very similar and there really isn't much to choose between them. Each map provides a choropleth view showing the leading political party in each province and each provides an overview of the percentage of votes won (so far) by each of the political parties. All three maps show the ANC are currently winning in all South African provinces, except the Western Cape, where the Democratic Alliance currently have the largest share of the votes counted.

The TimesLIVE and News24 maps do provide more detail on the results within each province than The Citizen map. Using the TimesLIVE and News24 maps you can select a province to view the latest results in each municipality within the chosen province. Both of these maps also provide an update on the percentage of votes that have been counted so far.

The News24 map also includes the option to view the results of past South African elections ('99, '04, '09 & '14), which is useful if you want to compare the results from this year's election with the results from previous elections. For example this shows you that the Democratic Alliance were also the biggest party in the Western Cape in the 2014 South African election.

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