Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Map to the Stars

The Star Atlas is an interactive map showing you the position of the stars in the night sky. The map shows over 60,000 stars up to a magnitude of 8.5.

If you share your location with the Star Atlas you can view the current position of the stars in the sky from where you are in the world. It is easy to translate the map to what you can actually see in the sky. The horizon is clearly shown on the map and you can click and drag the map to change the map to the direction that you are looking (the compass directions are shown along the horizon on the map). If you click on the clock in the bottom left-hand corner then you can change the atlas to see the position of the stars for any date or time.

You can interact with the stars on the map to find out more about what you can see in the night sky. Click on a star and you can discover its name, how far away it is and what constellation it belongs to. One of my favorite features of the Star Atlas is the play controls. If you click on the fast forward button you can sit back and watch a sped-up version of the stars passing across the night sky as the Earth turns.

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