Friday, May 24, 2019

Send a Selfie Around the World

You can now send a selfie to yourself using Google's 'Network Journey'. Upload a picture to Google's latest Chrome Experiment and Google will send it around the world and then send it back to you, covered with the internet visa stamps it has gathered on its journey.

Network Journey is actually a clever demonstration of the speed of the Google Cloud network. After you post your picture to Network Journey you can watch it travel around the globe on a map of the world. As your photo passes through each Google Cloud data center it is given a country stamp. After your selfie has completed its global journey you will also be told how many seconds it took to circumnavigate the globe.

If you want to explore how your selfie traveled across the globe in a little more detail then you might like the Infrapedia - Global Internet Network, Datacenter and Infrastructure Atlas. This interactive map shows the location of the data centers, undersea cables, IXPs and networks which make up the global internet.

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