Tuesday, May 28, 2019

SOS Air Pollution

Greenpeace has released an interactive map showing air pollution in Russia. SOS Air shows air pollution data from road traffic, landfill and industrial sources. It also shows the latest air pollution readings from monitors across the country and the air pollution generated by traffic on the country's roads.

The SOS Air interactive map shows the location of stationary sources of air pollution such as industrial plants, landfill sites, incinerators and other industrial facilities. This information is based on data from OpenStreetMap. Volunteers from across Russia are helping to gather information about these individual stationary sources of air pollution and the map will be updated to show what is exactly emitted by each location and the levels of air pollution produced.

The biggest source of air pollution in large towns and cities is road traffic. SOS Air shows near real-time air pollution on city roads based on local traffic conditions. The more congestion there is on the roads then the more air pollution is generated. The air pollution data from near real-time road congestion comes from Mapbox's traffic service.

The colored markers on the map show the latest readings from air pollution monitors across the country. If these monitors show dangerous levels of air pollution SOS Air users can submit air pollution complaints directly from the map. Greenpeace will then pass these complaints on to the relevant government authorities.

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