Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mapping 2000 Unmarked Graves

Between 2006 and 2016 nearly 2,000 clandestine graves were found in Mexico. The graves contained 2,884 corpses, 324 skulls and thousands of fragments of bones belonging to an undetermined number of individuals. The graves were dug by criminal gangs. The bodies were the victims of gang violence.

In The Country of 2000 Graves A donde van los desaparecidos has mapped out the locations of all 2000 clandestine graves. To collect the data for the map A donde van los desaparecidos submitted freedom of information requests to all Mexico's state attorney's offices. The interactive map includes a timeline which allows you to explore the data by year. This timeline includes two animation options to either view how many graves were discovered each year or view the accumulated total of graves discovered over time since 2006.

Not all of the state attorney's offices responded to the request for data so it is highly likely that there are more clandestine graves which have been discovered and that are not shown on the map. The article accompanying the interactive map includes an analysis of which states have discovered the most clandestine graves and bodies. The article also includes links to view individual interactive maps for each state. These individual state maps include charts showing the number of graves and corpses discovered in each state by year.

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