Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Mapping Quiet Locations

If you want to escape from the noise of traffic, people and other forms of noise pollution you should explore the Hush City map. This interactive map and mobile application can help you find quiet areas close to your current location. The Hush City map shows you the small, quiet spots nearby where you can go to escape the busy chaos of everyday life.

Hush City started life as a citizen science project created by Dr. Antonella Radicchi. It has now developed into a fully fledged mobile app and website which allows users to find quite spaces and share them with other users. Using the mobile app users can record the soundscape of a location, measure the sound levels in decibels and post the results to the interactive map.

When you are in desperate need of a little quiet time you can use the Hush City map to find the nearest quiet spaces uploaded by other users. The map uses color coded map markers to indicate the noise levels recorded at different locations which have been submitted to the map. Green markers indicate the quietest locations and red the noisiest places. The colors are determined by the decibel levels recorded by users at each location. Before you decide on whether to visit a quiet spot or not you can actually listen to these recordings and check out the recorded soundscape for yourself.

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