Tuesday, October 29, 2019

How to Find a Halloween Costume

If you haven't planned what you are wearing for Halloween this year then you need This is Halloween. Every year two major pop-up costume retailers, Spirit Halloween and Halloween City open stores across the country. Because the two companies take advantage of otherwise empty stores their locations usually change year-on-year. This can make them a little hard to find.

That is why Jonah Adkins decided to make his handy This is Halloween store locator. Using the interactive map you can search for an address or zoom in on a city to view all the nearby Spirit Halloween and Halloween City stores. The stores are shown on the map using colored ghost markers (pink for Spirit Halloween and blue for Halloween City). If you click on a marker you can view the store's address and web link.

If you have already chosen your Halloween outfit for this year then you might be more interested in reading about how the map was made. In This is Halloween - It all started with a map Jonah provides detailed information about how he made the map. This how-to guide includes details on using All the Places to scrape the data and create a custom made API. Jonah's guide also includes information about how Tangram was used to style the map into a suitable ghostly theme.

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