Monday, October 14, 2019

The Fantastic Fall Colors Map

In Fantastic fall foliage … and where to find it the Washington Post has mapped out America's forest species data and colored these forests to show their Fall colors. The colors that forest leaves turn depends on the species of trees. Different trees turn different colors in the Fall and at different times. The Washington Post's map shows the different colors that you can expect across the United States.

The Washington Post article also includes a pretty amazing satellite map which shows the changing fall colors in the Eastern US. This animated map uses MODIS satellite imagery collected over ten years. As the animation plays you can watch the colors of the Eastern US change as the Fall progresses. The article also includes satellite images from across the country, highlighting some of the best places in different states to experience the most vibrant Fall colors.

If you want to know the best time to see the Fall colors in your part of the country then you can refer to Smoky Mountains 2019 Fall Foliage Prediction Map. According to this map every part of the country apart from the most south-eastern states are already experiencing Fall colors.

The Fall Foliage Map uses historical weather records from all 48 continental states to predict the arrival of fall at the county level across the contiguous United States. The map includes a date control which allows you to view the leaf color you can expect for any date from the beginning of September to the end of November.

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