Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mapping Cuts in School Funding

Next year 83% of schools in England will be worse off than they were in 2015. A new interactive map from the School Cuts coalition allows you to see how your local schools' government funding for next year compares with the funding they received in 2015.

On the map schools are shown using colored map markers. The lighter colored markers indicate where a schools has made a funding gain on 2015 and the darker colors indicate schools which have lost funding. If you click on a school's marker you can view how much funding the school as a whole has gained or lost and how much has been gained or lost for each individual pupil.

The average primary school pupil will receive £245 less in funding next year, when compared to 2015. Secondary school pupils will receive £304 less on average when compared to 2015. When you select a school's marker on the map you can view how much the school has received from the government for every academic year since 2015. You can also see what this represents as per pupil funding for every academic year.

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Jack Haefner said...

What a poor map. What is the context? Is there a demographic change in student population? How about any increases in efficiencies regarding costs? Or capital obligations that are at the end of their financing?