Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Your Weekly Drought Update

Currently 39% of the United States is dry or in drought conditions. This information comes from the University Of Colorado Boulder Water Desk. The Waterdesk has released three interactive maps which provide the latest data on U.S. drought, precipitation and snowpack conditions.

The Weekly Drought Reports Map uses data from the National Drought Mitigation Center to provide a weekly update on drought conditions. The map uses five different colors to shows the areas of the U.S. currently experiencing dry or drought conditions. The timeline at the bottom of the map allows you to explore drought conditions over time, since the beginning of this century.

The Monthly Average Precipitation Map visualizes rain levels for every month from 1981 to the present. If you click on a state on the map you can view the total precipitation for every month of this year and how this compares to the monthly averages for the selected state. The Monthly Snowpack Map shows the daily snowpack estimates since October 2003. If you select a state on the map you can view the snowpack estimates for any date and view a chart showing the snowpack totals in the state for every day since Oct 2003.

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