Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Ride the G-Train to Beijing

The Hong Kong to Beijing high speed rail line is 2,439km long. It takes around nine hours to complete the journey, traveling at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. You can complete the journey even more quickly by taking a virtual Journey to the North: From Hong Kong to Beijing in 9 hours on the high-speed rail.

Journey to the North uses satellite imagery to map the nearly 2,500km route of the Hong Kong to Beijing railway line. As you scroll through Journey to the North a small dot follows the rail line on the satellite imagery and shows you how many kilometers you have to go until you reach the next station on your journey. Points of interest on the journey are also highlighted on the map as you pass them on your virtual journey.

There are eight stations of the Hong Kong to Beijing line. When you reach each station on your train journey north you are provided with a brief tour of each city. This tour shows you some of the cultural and natural highlights which can be found at each of the eight stops on the railway line from Hong Kong to Beijing. Journey to the North also explains a little about the benefits that high-speed rail has brought to each of these cities along the line.

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