Friday, October 11, 2019

Mapping US Auto Emissions

The New York Times has mapped out the CO2 emissions of roads across the United States. CO2 emissions in the US have been on the rise since 2013. Much of this rise has been in and around cities.

The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America shows the CO2 emissions for 2017. If you click on a metro area on the map you can view how much emissions have risen in total since 1990 and how much emissions have risen per person (or decreased). The data for the map comes from Boston University’s Database of Road Transportation Emissions.

Below the interactive map is a graph showing the levels of CO2 road emissions in the most polluting metro areas from 1990-2017. This graph shows that emissions are rising across the United States. The graph also allows you to see which areas are producing the most CO2 emissions. New York tops this list, followed by LA and Dallas-Fort Worth. As you progress through the article this graph flips from showing the total levels of CO2 emissions in each area to a population adjusted view. By per capita emissions New York is actually one of the lowest polluters of all metro areas on the graph.

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